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Nature Tats Midnight Pines

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From Nature Tats

Midnight Pines Themed Collection of Temporary Tattoos!

This collection includes 8 different temporary tattoo designs! They are some of the things that we love the most about camping the woods ~

» Camping Tree Tattoo - A dark clear sky with stars and a crescent moon, over the snowcapped and moonlit mountains, a pine forest, river, tent and campfire. The entire design is in the shape of a pine tree, you can almost feel the perfect weather and hear the sound of crickets. (size - 3.75" tall by 3" wide)

» Tall Pine Tree & Saplings - An earthy sketch of a mature pine tree planted on the forest floor, with two pine saplings growing nearby, a couple stray plants and stones in the dirt. (size - 4.75" tall, just over 2" wide)

» Bear - A side view of an American bear. One you might hope to spot while exploring in the woods.... from an overly safe distance.. of course. (size - 2.75" wide, just under 2" tall)

» Pinecone - A black line design of a pinecone, the seed of the forest. (size - just over 1.5" inches tall by 1.25" wide)

» Raccoon - The adorable furry forest creature with tiny paw hands, and a slightly shady mask. Always excited to be greeted by one of these little guys. (size - 2" wide, just under 1" tall. )

» Cresent moon - A tiny moon, accent tattoo. Leave it with the pine, or separate it from the group. Perfect for those tiny tat places. (size - .5" tall )

» Deer Tracks - Two tiny deer tracks, common to spot on a hike, also perfect for those tiny tat places. (size - .3" each)

» Moth - A black line design of a small moth with a striped body and tattered wings. (size - 1" wide)

△ This temporary tattoo is an original design by Allison Wilcoxen.

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